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    Where do my dues go?

    First thank you for paying your dues. You might not be aware of it, but when you pay your dues you are helping to keep Woodlawn a great place to live.

    The two major things that your dues go to are (1) Landscape and grounds upkeep and (2) electricity for the ponds and sprinklers. There are other things that you can see by looking at the 2021 budget.

    Why do I need to pay dues?

    People ask this all the time. I pay my dues but what do I get? The board understands and that is why the budget is out on the website for all to see. The more information you have the more you realize why paying your dues is so important. When someone does not pay it takes away from everyone. You are a part of the neighborhood and you need to know where your dues are being spent.

    We would love to do other things like a light on the main pond fountain, or a walkway around the main pond, or more flowers, etc. but believe it or not we have just enough to keep things level. One thing that took from our funds in 2020 was hurricane Sally. We will need to build up our reserves again for other unforeseen issues.

    You can always email me if you have any suggestions to save money or bring more money in without raising dues. Maybe something like a fund raiser for certain things we would like to have to enhance where we live. Remember the board members live here too 😊.

    Can I come to a board meeting?

    Absolutely. All of our meetings are open to Woodlawn Phase 2/3 homeowners. They are Zoom meetings and the info to attend can be found at our website. If you have something you want to discuss at the board meeting, there is a time at the beginning for open discussion from our members.

    You may access the board meeting information here.

    How do I put in a request?

    So, you want to make a change to your property/house? We love for people to spruce up their property/house. We have Covenants to protect everyone in the neighborhood, so please remember to put in an Architectural Review Form (ARC) so the board can look it over and give you a decision. Go out to the website and under documents look for the form. Please do not make any changes without sending in a form. We usually get back to the requestor, once we get the form, in a few days.

    Are there fines for violations?

    You will be receiving information about a fine structure we are putting in place this year. If you do get fined, it would be after two warnings with a fine on the 3rd violation.

    The board does not take any satisfaction in this and would rather have no violations or fines, but we know as a board we took on the responsibility to keep Woodlawn a neighborhood that people want to enjoy and live in.

    We all hope that if there is an issue in the neighborhood that you talk with each other. We realize everyone looks at things differently and are not always aware of violations. You should have received HOA information at your closing and most likely just put it in a draw to look at later. Well, if you lost the information it can be found on the website. Please take some time and read it over. If you want, feel free to email me and let me know you looked it over (it would put a smile on my face).

    There are certain things that are put into place so that our neighborhood is kept up and also to help with the resale value of your home.

    Please respect each other and your surroundings.